Hypnotherapy For Emotional Confidence

Hypnotherapy For Emotional Confidence focuses on letting go of trauma and abuse from old wounds, most commonly formed when you were young. When people lack a strong sense of emotional confidence, it holds you back from living a happy and fulfilling life. It can affect your relationships, your career, and seriously impact on your sense of self.

This package is very deep-rooted in its nature and can have amazing, positive and profound long-term affects as we seek to identify and then transform the core of the issue. Very often, clients tend to run self-defeating behaviours or patterns, which I look to transform, as it's these behaviours, which are stopping you from showing up in your full magnificence.
I look at what has been holding you back from experiencing lasting joy and satisfaction in your life and then look to transform this.

It’s a powerful tool for anyone wanting to discover the root cause of your self-destructive behaviour and learn new behaviours that support a healthy, more empowering sense of self.

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Do You Suffer From Childhood Emotional Trauma?

Issues of emotional trauma often stem from childhood. We might have been repeatedly told we were not good enough, that we were to blame for something, that we deserved to be punished and so on. Often I see clients who took their parent’s and siblings abuse and neglect as the norm and then unfortunately carried this negative self-message long into adulthood, even though rationally they might know it to be untrue.

Not every person who comes to see me has emotional trauma dating back to childhood, although this is very common and one of the areas I am most passionate about as I had the same experience myself growing up. This affected my sense of self hugely as I never believed I was "good enough" to deserve anything better. This self-destructive thought pattern affected the career and relationship choices I made even after I was fully grown up!

It was only after hypnotherapy and counselling that I was able to finally release the deep-rooted trauma of my childhood and finally start to blossom.

Another source of low emotional confidence, could be traumatic life events such as abuse, serious illness or perhaps a sequence of set-backs, such as losing your job, a failed relationship and money issues. Over time your trust in yourself becomes eroded, you feel to blame in some way and your confidence plummets.

Hypnosis for low emotional confidence works particularly well with these past causes to help people overcome negative thinking patterns and is a powerful way to rewire you to all the abundant possibility inside of you.

Symptoms of Low Emotional Confidence

Although low emotional confidence affects everyone differently, there are some common signs to look out for. If you feel like you are inadequate or unworthy then sooner or later your behaviour will start to reflect this, for example, not putting yourself forward for that promotion because you think you are not capable of doing it, or constantly ending up in romantic relationships which don't match your worth. It could even be that you find yourself repeatedly sabotaging relationships because you fear being hurt. This also becomes a self-defeating behaviour pattern, which in turn, stops you from having a meaningful relationship.

Here are just a few of the consequences from not dealing with your emotional trauma:


If you have low emotional confidence, then you may constantly seek reassurance from others to find out if you are loveable or not. This kind of neediness often leads to unhealthy, insecure relationships. You could be a people pleaser because you don’t recognise your needs and constantly put other people first. This is also very common behaviour when we come from a place of needing to be liked and loved to fit in with our friends and family.

Hypnosis to help rewire your emotional confidence can help you develop respect and appreciation for yourself and this will completely change the kind of relationship you attract and how you interact with others. With a healthy level of emotional confidence and a stronger sense of self you can trust more easily and fully embrace the love, support and positive gifts a relationship can bring.


We can all be defensive from time to time, but having low emotional confidence can make you even more defensive because feeling negative or low about yourself makes you extra sensitive to criticism and judgements from others. You might even fear that any suggestions or ideas you make will be laughed at or rejected and so it feels safer to not make any in the first place.

Hypnosis empowers you to create a more positive perception of yourself which means you’ll be feeling more confident to discuss your views and ideas with others.


Sadly, low emotional confidence is also linked to unhealthy habits such as smoking, eating disorders and substance abuse, as for many people, these habits help them to cope better. It's a bit like putting on a mask, to hide the deep, inner trauma. We think it will go away with self-medicating to cope that way, to hide our emotional pain and numb it out. Although in the long term, obviously, addiction only adds to your feelings of unworthiness and can lead to depression and feeling isolated.

If you exhibit any of the above then hypnotherapy could very likely help you.

How Hypnotherapy can help rewire your emotional confidence

Hypnosis is a relaxing, natural, and safe form of therapy that looks to identify and then change patterns of negative thinking. In a deeply relaxed state, I’ll help promote positive thoughts, attitudes and beliefs to foster a healthy sense of emotional confidence within your subconscious – where all the change work takes place.

The treatment plan for everyone will differ from case to case as there is no one “plan fits all”. But my goal is to encourage self-empowerment, and help you create a healthy sense of self which is going to support you long term.

This work is deep-rooted and can have truly powerful effects.

How To Book Your Emotional Confidence Package

I offer a free consultation (20 minutes) prior to any sessions being booked to discuss your needs. If you wish to go ahead this includes 3 sessions with me. Our first session would be longer 1.5hrs, and then we also have 2 further sessions of 45 minutes each so we can continue to do some deep transformative work. If you do however require more sessions you can pay on the single session rate.

If you decide to go ahead after your free consultation, all bookings require a minimum of half -deposit and must be paid in full before the session. You can also for your convenience pay on line. If you need to cancel, or reschedule then please give me 48 hours notice otherwise I’m unable to refund you for that session you cannot make, im sorry I would be unable to fill the appointment time in such short notice.

Call me now on 01622-230367 to book your free initial consultation.

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