Hypnotherapy For Low Self-Esteem and Confidence

What is hypnotherapy for low self-esteem and confidence?

What does having high self-esteem actually mean? In short, it means feeling positive about yourself. It’s when you value yourself, you believe you are deserving of good things and you have a healthy outlook on life. A high self-esteem also gives you the necessary inner strength to handle all the ups and downs which life throws you – without them having a long-term impact on your health.

When you have high-self esteem you naturally have more confidence in certain areas or situations because you feel able to trust yourself and your ability to handle that situation.

In addition, people with high self-esteem and confidence are more easily able to bounce back from life’s setbacks as they don’t tend to get consumed with negative self-talk or hate. Of course, they feel pain and suffering just like the rest of us, but the biggest difference with someone with high self-esteem is their ability to work through whatever adversity has hit them, and then get on with their lives. In short – they feel confident about life.

When your self-esteem is low and your confidence is rock bottom, your thoughts and feelings tend to be negative and you often self-sabotage. This means you are more likely to focus on your weaknesses and be un-necessarily hard on yourselves for the mistakes you make. Low self-esteem and lack of confidence can cause social anxiety, fear of failure and loss of motivation. Sadly, in more severe cases, it can even lead to depression, despair and sometimes, suicidal thinking.

Luckily, hypnotherapy is an increasingly popular means of treatment and support for people who suffer from low self-esteem and lack of confidence. When you come to The Therapy Cabin, we will create a calm, relaxing and safe environment and together, we look to create long-lasting positive changes in how you see yourself. If you want to discover the root cause of your negative thinking, where it stems from and how to replace it with new behaviours that support a healthy, more empowering sense of self, then this package is perfect for you.

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Do you suffer from low self-esteem and lack of confidence?

Why does one person have low self-esteem and another person have high self-esteem? Why is one person seemingly so confident at everything they do and the other person full of doubt? The most common cause of low self-esteem is our childhood, where we receive a combination of positive and negative messages as we grow up. And guess which message sticks the most! You might have been told you were not good enough, that you were to blame for something, you might have been ignored, neglected or just made to feel you were worthless or perhaps you were bullied at school and this has stuck with you even now. Unfortunately what than happens is you carry this negative self-message long into adulthood, even though rationally you might know it to be untrue.

Not all low self-esteem stems from childhood however. Another reason could be a traumatic life event such as abuse, serious illness or perhaps it’s been a sequence of set-backs, such as losing your job, a failed relationship and money issues and over time your confidence has just plummeted.

Hypnosis for self-esteem is so effective because it helps you overcome these negative thinking patterns and replace them with feelings of self-worth, of possibility, of confidence. In fact, it’s just a wonderful way to re-connect you to all the abundant possibility inside of you and make you full of confidence whatever the situation!

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Build Your Self-Esteem

The good news is that none of us were born with feelings of low self-esteem – it is something which has been eroded over time. Indeed, you can even be low in confidence in one area and yet confident in another, e.g., lacking in confidence around new people but full of confidence around your family. So confidence and self-esteem can be said to be all in the mind.

What we need to establish is what formed the lack of self-esteem or confidence in the first place and then tackle that root cause and pull it up. Once we have done that, we can then look to replace your low self-esteem for more positive behaviours and beliefs.

When you come to The Therapy Cabin we’ll be looking at reducing those feelings of anxiety you experience when you are feeling stressed and giving you a new way of looking at past events – such as your childhood or school. Then, most importantly, I’ll give you the tools to act and behave as if you have high self-esteem and confidence no matter the situation.

Hypnosis is relaxing, natural, and safe and looks to identify and then change patterns of negative thinking. In a trusted, compassionate and non-judgmental environment, I’ll help you to create positive thoughts, attitudes and beliefs which will then go onto form a healthy self-esteem within your subconscious – where all the change work takes place.

The treatment plan for everyone will differ from case to case as there is no one “plan fits all”. But my goal is to encourage self-empowerment, and help you create a strong healthy self-esteem and an innate sense of confidence which is going to support you long term in every situation.

I offer a free consultation (20 minutes) prior to any sessions being booked to discuss your needs. If you wish to go ahead this includes 3 sessions with me. Our first session would be longer 1.5hrs, and then we also have 2 further sessions of 45 minutes each so we can continue to do some deep transformative work. If you do however require more sessions you can pay on the single session rate.

If you decide to go ahead after your free consultation, all bookings require a minimum of half -deposit and must be paid in full before the session. You can also for your convenience pay on line. If you need to cancel, or reschedule then please give me 48 hours notice otherwise I’m unable to refund you for that session you cannot make, im sorry I would be unable to fill the appointment time in such short notice.

Call me now on 01622-230367 to book your free initial consultation.

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