I offer a 20 minute free consultation prior to working together to address your issues and explain how therapy can help you. All counselling sessions are 60 minutes in duration and please note I requite a minimum of 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel your appointment, otherwise full fees apply. Hypnotherapy sessions times are longer please see below.

Therapy Fees
Counselling 6 Sessions (paid in full)£370
Counselling 1 Individual Session£65

Please note individual sessions are only available after the initial course of 6. During your free consultation, I can let you know how many sessions you might need and of course, will be as flexible as I can to meet your individual circumstances.

Contact me now for your free, 20 minute initial no-obligation consultation.
Tel: 01622-230367

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy
Initial 1st Assessment therapy session - 1.5hrs£130
Couples Therapy - 1hr£85

Hypnotherapy Fees & Programs

Hypnotherapy Individual Sessions(3 x 1hr sessions for any other issues are discounted to £225 for advanced payment, saving £10 per session. Do let me know if you wish to have this option during your consult.)£85
Fears and Phobias Tailored To Your Fear or Phobia(1.5hrs first session + includes 2 further 45 mins sessions)£225
Stress – Anxiety – or Relax – Calm Programs Tailored To Your Specific Issues(1.5hrs first session + includes 2 further 45mins sessions)£225
Emotional Confidence Program – Tailored To Your Needs(1.5hrs first session + includes 2 further 45 min sessions)£225
Low Self Esteem & Confidence Programs – Tailored To Your Needs(1.5hrs first session + includes 2 further 45 min sessions)£225

For both counselling and hypnotherapy sessions I require 48 hours minimum notice for all cancellations otherwise full fees still apply. This gives me a chance to offer your space to another client so do let me know as soon as possible if you need to re arrange your session.

As above stated, for all new counselling clients a course of 6 sessions is the minimum requirement as this gives us the opportunity create deep, lasting change and not just skim the surface of your current situation. After this, we can determine how many individual sessions you might still need. You can of course pay for single sessions but they will need to be pre-paid prior to your session. If this is more convenient to you however you will gain a discount for block sessions paid in full.

Most of my hypnotherapy programs are based on a minimum of 3 sessions so I can give you the best of my attention. My aim is to work with you to address your issues and help you make the changes you wish to achieve. Most issues do require at least 3 sessions to really do some inner-work. You can of course book individual sessions if you have an issue not covered by any of my programs. But if your issue is covered by one of my programs, then it's far more beneficial to commit to a program (rather than book a series of individual sessions) and you will also save on fees.

For ease, if you wish to pay for your program online, just click the link next to your chosen issue and it will take you to a payments section and shopping cart. You will get a confirmation email and I can get you booked in. Alternatively you can call me on 01622-230367.

Contact me now for your free, 20 minute initial no-obligation consultation.
Tel: 01622-230367

Free Monthly Newsletter

To make it as easy as possible to keep in touch with me and be the first to hear of any special offers I run, I provide a free monthly newsletter to all my clients, sharing tips on all general well-being.

I will also share links to articles about hypnotherapy which will help you gain deeper understanding of how the human mind works and why it is so fascinating!

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