Traditional Hypnotherapy

Traditional hypnotherapy uses the power of positive suggestion to bring about subconscious change to your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, usually done through suggestion, imagery or visualisation.

The aim of this type of hypnotherapy is to “make someone change” the way they look at events or situations. What this means is that the unconscious mind accepts these suggestions and so makes it easier for you to start doing something you want to do, i.e., lost weight, or stop doing something you no longer wish to do, i.e., smoking.

In traditional hypnotherapy, these suggestions are usually read from a pre-written script but the problem with that is the script doesn’t allow for much variation – it’s quite often a one-size fits all approach.

What Is Responsive Hypnotherapy?

Responsive hypnotherapy is a new, more advanced form of hypnotherapy that doesn’t rely on the ‘old world’ model of providing generic hypnotic suggestions to bring about the change or transformation you seek.

In fact, I make no suggestions at all!

Instead, responsive hypnotherapy puts the onus of change onto the individual and lets it stem from inside you, rather than from outside of you. Your brain is an amazing, powerful tool and so we use its innate natural abilities to help change the way you feel about something. By using a series of interlinked scenarios, you have the opportunity to then make the step-by-step neurological changes your brain requires.

In short, what’s so amazing about responsive hypnotherapy is that the emphasis is taken away from the hypnotist trying to “make change”, which might work for some, but not necessarily for everyone, and instead it’s about helping you to re-connect to your own innate power and so creating the change from within. This ‘born from within’ approach can have astonishing long term and powerful results.

Responsive Hypnotherapy Gets Faster Results Than Traditional Hypnotherapy

The other great thing about Responsive Hypnotherapy is how fast it can achieve results. Unlike other forms of hypnotherapy or therapy, Responsive Hypnotherapy assumes if you want to change your mind then you can do so almost immediately.

For example, you have the proven ability to make rapid choices in all other areas of your life, so why should therapy take any longer?

Getting rid of emotions like anxiety doesn’t have to be any different to choosing what to wear in the morning. In fact, “Should I get rid of this anxiety or keep it” doesn’t have to be a painful, long drawn-out process. Although it might not take seconds to release your anxiety, neither does it have to take weeks or months.

With Responsive Hypnotherapy you can expect far quicker results than in traditional hypnotherapy, which means you don’t have to take away a CD and then listen to it every day for a month to strengthen the suggestions! Of course you can still do this if you choose, especially you are someone who is more auditory and likes to relax by listening to something.

Your New Life Walks Out With You

Whatever you come to see me for, you can expect to leave The Therapy Cabin feeling empowered, restored and relaxed. You’ll feel reconnected to your own inner resources, and so much more positive about saying no to stress and negativity and yes to all the wonderful, positive things in your life.

You’ll leave with a sense of what’s important to you, an awareness of what makes you happy and most importantly – the desire to maintain a healthy, fulfilling life and keep doing the things which bring you happiness

*If traditional hypnosis script work is what you want, or I believe your issue can be helped in a more traditional way, then I am also able to offer general Hypnosis with a suggestive script, although this form of hypnotherapy normally requires longer sessions in order to embed the suggestions.

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