What is Weight-Loss Hypnotherapy?

If you’ve ever tried and failed to lose weight, or you find yourself ‘yo-yo’ dieting, then you’ll know how frustrating and stressful this can be. Whilst diets and nutrition focus on what you eat and how often, hypnotherapy for weight loss helps you change the way you feel about food. It’s an amazingly effective way to banish all those unhealthy eating habits and cravings!

You can say goodbye to craving sugary, fatty treats, and say hello to enjoying and even looking forward to eating healthy and nutritious food instead. In short, weight loss hypnotherapy stops your unhealthy eating patterns and replaces them with amazing new healthy ones.

You’ll also start to feel more positive about your body again, and stop seeing how you look as a source of shame or anxiety.

By looking at the deeper feelings that trigger your eating habits, where it’s nearly always emotional, hypnosis for weight loss can help you create a healthier lifestyle and a happier, more confident you.

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Do You Need To Lose Weight?

Weight loss for hypnotherapy is not just a quick-fix. Yes, it can be useful if you’re going off on holiday and you’re worried how you’re going to look on the beach, or if you have an important occasion or you just have a stubborn one or two stones to lose, but the reason most people use hypnotherapy is to tackle the underlying causes of the unhealthy eating in the first place.

Your weight gain may be an ongoing issue since childhood, or might have been triggered by an illness or incident. Either way, being heavier than average can affect your emotions, and trigger feelings of low self-esteem, low self-confidence and can even lead to anxiety and depression. In turn, this can have a knock-on effect on your career, your relationships and your overall well-being. So it becomes easy to then get stuck in a cycle of emotional eating in response to whatever has been triggered.

The good news is that losing weight successfully doesn’t have to be about will-power or self-denial. It’s about stopping your unhealthy eating patterns and then replacing them with better ones. In this 2.5 hour power package we look at changing your appetite for the right foods, helping you to know when you feel full, and we look at releasing cravings to get you enjoying your food again – without calorie counting or feeling guilty.

Since every client is different and has a different relationship to food, my approach varies from individual to individual. But to give you a broad example, Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss can help in the following areas:

Emotional Eating

It’s a common adage that food and emotions are closely intertwined, which means we often turn to comfort food when we feel sad, stressed, lonely or bored. What weight loss hypnotherapy does is help process these negative emotions, and then look at and manage your triggers in a way that doesn’t have to lead to comfort eating. Instead you find a different way of coping with the negative emotion, which doesn’t lead you into a self-defeating spiral of eating, feeling guilty and then eating more. Instead you can look towards creating a positive spiral, which you leave you feeling healthier, happier and better than ever before.


A key part of weight loss hypnotherapy is about helping you to regain self-control. We look at developing a relationship with food which is both sensible, realistic and which promotes a healthy weight and healthy mind and body. What’s not to love? Think how your energy and life is going to improve!


Exercise is so important when it comes to losing weight but sometimes mental blocks can stop us from wanting to exercise. Quite often we tell ourselves we’re not in the mood and we’ll go tomorrow, or maybe it’s just because you feel too self-conscious and so you put it off.

The good news is weight loss hypnotherapy can transform the way you think about exercise so you can start making the most of your body and experiencing the full health and happiness you deserve.

If you decide to go ahead after your free consultation, all bookings require a minimum of half -deposit and must be paid in full before the session. You can also for your convenience pay on line. If you need to cancel, or reschedule then please give me 48 hours notice otherwise I’m unable to refund you for that session you cannot make, im sorry I would be unable to fill the appointment time in such short notice.

Will hypnotherapy for weight loss work for me?

The clients who get the best results use this alongside a healthy eating plan and an exercise regime. It is often a combined effort of all these things which leads to the most success. Like anything, what you put in you get out. Im happy to recommend further support to help you achieve your goals.

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